Everyone needs a Rachele!

5 Nov

Okay, so this is my first ‘officially’ posted post.

There’s a high probability I’ll screw up somehow and have to bother Rachele…AGAIN! Thank God she’s patient, tolerant and smart! The effervescent sharp-as-a-tack wife and mother of three, is a professor, a marketing guru, AND computer savvy. She deserves a medal for offering to help me set up a blog, something I’m confident she’s regretted more than a few times this past weekend.

I am NOT computer savvy. Truth be told, there is no software for my hard drive when it comes to using computers or understanding applications. Which Word Press is.  I think. Is that an app? See, it’s just too confusing. I know my dPhone (what I call my iPhone) has apps because it has an app store icon – which my daughter Kiki knows how to operate when I need one.

I take full responsibility for my ineptness and I am working on it! Talented and tolerant coworkers, friends and family have enabled me to get by through the years. A coworker put up my Facebook page. Another put up my Linkedin. My daughter signed me on to Twitter. And then there’s Rachele McGinty-Mock (check her out at McGinty-Mock.com) who offered to help with my blog last week. Over dinner at Tuk Tuk. It was the first time we met. Ever. But like a trooper, she’s faithfully texted me throughout the weekend to walk me through the process — despite her husband and kids being sick. Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped me from sending one last text tonight because I can’t figure how to fix a misspelled word in my header. I think I’m officially a stalker.

I want to send Rachele a ‘thank you’ e-card, but I don’t know how.

What I do know is everyone needs a Rachele in their lives. I hope you have one.

So, like dear sweet Rachele, please be patient with me as I blog it out. I’ll get better as I go, but as of now, I don’t know how to connect this to my Facebook or Twitter, don’t know how to add pictures, or color, or even know if this blog is making its way to the public. Despite my creaky learning curve the first week, once I get the hang of it, we’ll be on a roll!

Until next time, I’ll just keep being Donna Adamo.

4 Responses to “Everyone needs a Rachele!”

  1. rachelemock November 5, 2012 at 2:09 pm #

    You’re doing just great being Donna Adamo! Just keep writing and it will all become second nature…

  2. Janice Anne Wegener Grieshaber Geddes November 6, 2012 at 1:02 am #

    I hope the word misspelled in your header wasn’t “Donna”. But we’d love you anyway.

  3. Anne Marie Cotton November 6, 2012 at 1:52 am #

    Love the title!

  4. Shawn Thomas November 7, 2012 at 12:33 am #

    Good job getting this “officially” posted! You will get the hang of it as you go along!

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