You did WHAT?

9 Nov

At least once a week, without fail, someone questions my ‘bold’ decision to move to Atlanta – by myself – 5 months ago.  “You did what?” is usually followed up with a groupon of additional questions.  Husband?  Fiance?  Family?  Girlfriends?  Friends?  Cat?  Dog?  Noone?

No. No, I wish. No. No. Not really.  Yes, my mom stole her.  No, but they’re cute and Nope.

Which is then usually followed up with a, “Why?” or an “I could never do that.”

While I had stayed in touch with a former TV 5 colleague John and his girlfriend Janet,  I certainly didn’t expect them to babysit me.  John works long hours as the Commuter Dude at WXIA (watch him!).  Janet Howard is an ahhhhmazing photograper who runs her own business (hire her!)  Plus, they lived on the other side of town.  Which in the ATL is considered G.U. or “geographically undesirable.”

It’s not the questions about my move that I find intriguing, but rather the way I’m asked — with a not so subtle ‘she’s-lost-her-mind head tilt.’  Kind of like a hungry dog looking at a french fry in your hand.  Yeah, THAT look.  The puzzled thought-bubble tilt filled with perplexity, confusion and fear.  It’s okay. I get it.

There was fear.  LOTS OF FEAR.  I figured even if I fall on my face — I’m still falling forward.

Truth is, moving was the easy part.  Making the decision to move was the hard part.  I was leaving behind people I really really loved.  And still do.  But they were all going about living their lives.  And I was standing still.  And energy is supposed to move.

So I figured if I’m going to move — move BIG.

I just never realized how big.


2 Responses to “You did WHAT?”

  1. Patrick November 9, 2012 at 3:00 pm #

    I’m simply a little over a decade ahead of you on the same move. Mine however was from the West Coast. Family is still hundreds of miles away in NW FL but someone else knew this would be a good location. I’m close enough now where I can and do visit often as they age. The biggest benefit was I found my better half! You know what I mean.

    Some lessons to share. Seek not those things that you think will bring you happiness. They are all empty and without value. Seek instead those that enrich your life for they will bring you more happiness than any material thing you could ever possess. That’s been a lesson for me that has taken many years to understand. If you remember nothing else try to remember this, the only difference between you and rich men is the size of the headstone that will mark your grave and the cemetery it will be placed in. Neither will bring any more or any fewer to visit you when you’re gone! In life we all have opportunities to touch someone. To help someone. To listen to someone. To create a legacy that will live long after we’re gone. Be patient with yourself and those you love. The rewards are for a lifetime.

    And so there you go……

  2. dadamo102 November 9, 2012 at 3:29 pm #

    Patrick…thank you so very much for sharing such sage advice! There’s nothing taht speaks with more clarity than experience. And there’s nothing more revealing than plopping yourself in new space despite discomfort. With challenge comes change — provided you get out of your own way! And the people you meet along the way are just delicious.

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